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Мейн Кун
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Cat Maine Coon (maine coon) from the cattery "Angel Savage"

HCM-Gen-Test N/N

Date of Birth: 05.05.2015

color: n - black solid

diplom:  Ex1 CAC+Nom Bis, Ex1 CAC Best of Breed maine coon, Ex1 CAC+Nom Bis , CACIB Ex1+Nom Bis, Best female of Breedmaine coon Op Sex maine coon.

Vega Redpaws is a wonderful girl, born on our cattery from a couple Summerplace Achat  и  Gatto Nero Angel Savage . Vega is a girl in fine pedigree type, an excellent head with a powerful long box, a strong chin, a regular profile with a good forehead height and a wonderful direction of ears with bright long brushes. Looking at this girl is difficult to talk about sexual dimorphism, as her size may be envied by some boys. A powerful, proportional body on strong paws ends with a long, beautifully fur tail.

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