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Мейн Кун
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Litter "F" was born from a pair of Summerplace Achat and Sharm World Quick Fortune. Parents of a high standard, large in size, with a heavy bone and good data by type: a fine ear set with a wide back of the nose without a "bump", a strong chin, a good transition. Each of them already had litters (in other combinations) and we can show their kittens. For example (WCh Golden Boy AngelSavage - the son of Achat Summerplace and Estel Angel Savage - the daughter of Fortune)

Parents tested on HCM - N/N.

Tests on FeLV, FIP, FIV - negative.

Sales of boys from this litter for breeding to Russia have limited.







Florida Angel Savage female A reserved
Fatal Beauty Angel savage female Ns reserved
French Kiss Angel Savage male Ds available
Fidel Castro Angel Savage male D reserved
Fiji Boy Angel Savage male D option
Fromage Ball Angel Savage male E reserved
Fire Power Angel Savage male D reserved
Falcon Angel Savage male A reserved
FBI Agent Angel Savage male D reserved