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sale conditions

If you want to buy a Maine Coon kitten, read our rules-

Sale of kittens is carried out after 12 weeks and move kitten Maine Coon to a new house only after signing the contract !!!

Kittens for breeding are sold only in catteries, kittens sold as pets will move to new owners ONLY castrated.

If you are a young and novice cattery - write us about yourself in more detail, we will consider your application.



 Maine coons are a very expensive breed. And believe me, the price is not artificially overstated! The average cost of kittens (not in breeding) in the domestic market is $ 700 cat and $ 500 cat, in the same litter you can also offer a kitten from 1000 euros. The price of kittens is affected by many factors! But when you find out at what price pedigree animals are bought in the leading catteries of America and Europe by our breeders abroad, you probably will not be painfully hurt for your wallet. After all, you get a true Maine Coon in the cattery with a pedigree, upbringing and health. If you want to know the marketing of the pricing of the cattery, please read the small publication on our website in the section articles

Buying a kitten you get:
- a veterinary passport where by the time of moving there is a two-fold vaccination against viral infections and a single vaccination against rabies, a mark on treatment from external and internal parasites;

- Certificate from the state veterinary clinic that at the time of transfer to the new owner the kitten is healthy (if necessary, a certificate for the kitten being taken to another city, country);

- Pedigree (kittens "not for breeding" is issued with the notation "not for breeding");

- transfer (for kittens participating in breeding);

- Bilaterally signed Agreement;

Perhaps one of them brings to your home coziness and purrrring happiness