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Contract transfer the animal to a new owner.

( we can change several conditions of the contract) 

cattery «Angel Savage»  reg. WCF №870-2010/100183.71,  behalf of its owner

Shumskaia Violetta, hereinafter referred to as "breeder" and:

familyname.   ......................

id :......................

residing at:................................. 

contacts - e-mail , phone:........................

 hereinafter referred to as "new owner", have concluded this agreement as follows:

 "breeder "transmits to the " new owner " kitten, which was born in the cattery « Angel Savage »;


Tribal class:

name of kitten:

pedigree №:




on the following conditions:


1.1. It is strictly prohibited to the surgical removal of the extreme phalanges of the kitten!

1.2. The animal never, under any circumstances can not be given or transferred, sold, donated or bequeathed to research laboratories, institutes for the study of animals, as well as all similar institutions all institutions, regardless of their legal status and departmental affiliation.

1.3. The animal never under any circumstances can not be handed over to the store or on the market for its sale.

1.4. The animal can not be sold, leased or rented, donated or given to a third party without notice or subsequent consent "Breeder".

1.5. In the event of such an agreement, "new owner" shall notify "Breeder" about the date of transfer to the new owners of the animal, and to provide full information about the new owners of the kitten. ( familyname, address, phone)

1.6. The animal must have proper and peculiar breed care, proper feed ration, which includes the use of professional dry food ready - not less than Premium class. In case of need - timely, complete and high-quality veterinary care in public or private licensed veterinary clinics, the strict and mandatory compliance with the order of de-worming and annual preventive vaccination.

1.7. The animal should not be kept in a cage, except compulsory quarantine, the need and the reason for which must be confirmed and proved the conclusion of a public or private licensed veterinary clinic

1.8. The animal should not have free walking on the street without the necessary supervision.

1.9. If the animal will be noticed by "breeder" in poor physical or untidy condition, with traces of inflicting physical violence or injury, as well as the poor conditions of detention or the failure of this agreement, animal with all its registration documents shall be returned to "breeder" in the first demand and without replacement costs for the maintenance of the animal "new owner".

1.10. This animal has the following breeding class (breeding quality is determined by the breeder or felinology club at the time checking):  BREED

1.10.1.If the animal is referred to as PET class (not for breeding), "new owner" is obliged to sterilize within 6 months from the date of transfer of the animal and not to use it as a mate ! In case of violation of the ban on breeding of animals with other cats do not belong to the Buyer (including for participation in breedings with pedigree cats and cats of other breeds) The buyer shall pay the "seller" a fine of EUR 3,000 (three thousand euros) for each violation of Prohibition . An exception is made only with the consent of the "breeder" and the signing of a supplementary agreement to the contract and the fulfillment of certain conditions.

In some cases, the animal is given already neutered.

1.10.2. If an animal is referred to as a BREED-class, the "new owner" has no right to make a complaint to the breeder in the case of unsatisfactory  exhibition's evaluations. BREED animal class can be used in a breeding upon reaching 10 months of age.

1.10.3. If an animal is referred to as the SHOW-class, the breeder gives you the guarantee of the quality of the exhibition at the time of the transfer of the animal and the absence of visible genetic defects. Breeder is not responsible for the further development of the animal and the success of his show career.

1.11. Prohibited

a) Sale descendants of cats up to 2 generations( included) on the territory of Tula, Tula region. Sale kittens for breeding up to 2 generations( included) to catteries and breeders located on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation with the exception of the Ulal, Siberian and Far Eastern districts).

b) Use cats in breeding programs of other catteries. (allowed only in the case of the written consent of the "Breeder.")

c) leave in a cattery or sell to another breeder for breeding work more than one male from the litter (no any limits for female if the breeder follow to point 1.11 (a))

d) Show the pedigree of the animal with the numbers for everyone to see.

1.12 Special notes for cats (male):

a) Use of the cat for breeding possible ONLY with cats belonging to the new owner, personally excluding cats being co-owned by third parties. If such a resolution is obtained, Shumskaya VV receives payment for mating in the amount of 2000 Eu (equivalent to the amount in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank) for each pairing. The mating impossible without written permission and advance payment.

b) The number of litters per year received from the male described in this contract should not exceed five. In addition, the cat can be used in breeding not more than 5 years, then it must be neutered and have decent content in the family.

1.13 Special notes for cats (female):

a) it is not allowed to receive from the female described in this contract more than one litter per year.

1.14. The new owner guarantees that when selling kittens not for breeding - the kittens will move to new owners castrated / sterilized.



2.1. The "Breeder" transmits the animal to "new owner" healthy (having no visible signs of any disease and injuries) treated with worming once, vaccinated against viral infections and twice against rabies once, as evidenced by a veterinary certificate. "Breeder" ensures that at the time of transmission of the animal to "new owner", the animal has no disqualifying malformations (hall of tail, blindness, deafness). All claims to the buyer the right to present only during the transfer of the animal. Since the adoption of the animal by "new owner" or his representative, the further responsibility for the life and health of the animal lies down on the "new owner". Breeder is not liable for latent defects of the animal, which he did not know or could not have known, as well as for the health of the animal after its adoption "new owner".

 2.2 "The new owner" personally takes the animal from the breeder. If by the written request of "New Owner" animal breeder sends an authorized representative of "new owner", since the transfer of the said person Breeder is not responsible for animal health and possible damage to the animal due to improper handling and transportation.

2.3. "The new owner" confirms agreement on strict compliance with the quarantine of at least 10 days ( in the case of maintenance of several animals).

2.4. In accordance with paragraf. 2 of p. 502 of the second part of the Civil Code and the Russian Federation Government Decree of January 19, 1998 №55 claim 13 - adoption of the "new owner" animal exchange and non-refundable. In exceptional cases and by mutual agreement between the breeder and the "new owner" "new owner" may voluntarily return the animal breeder only with the voluntary consent of the Breeder take the animal without compensation "new owner".

2.5.  The "new owner" is obliged to send the photo twice a year to the "breeder". The animal must be performed by photo-quality camera, with clearly visible (head, body, tail). Photos must be clear, not blurry.

2.6. Any video, photo, or text information about the animals published by the "new owner" on the media, on websites and Internet forums, must contain the full name of the animal. The animal on the photographs must be clean, combed, are unacceptable backgrounds unharvested room.

2.7. The "Breeder" reserves the right, and the "new owner" agree to refrain from the purchase of this animal, in case of problems during the growing up phase (0 -3.5 months), which seem by "Seller" dangerous (critical) so that he does not want to transfer the animal for breeding - as a precautionary measure. The paid deposit will be refunded "new owner" completely.


3.1. The new owner pays the Breeder a voluntary contribution to the cattery in the amount of .......................... (including deposit).

3.2. The "new owner" is obligated to pay the remaining amount of the voluntary contribution to the cattery up to ............................... (kitten 4- x month old). Keeping an animal after 4 months is paid separately, until this time the animal is considered reserved. If the remaining amount of the voluntary contribution has not been paid, up to ............................ g (kitten reaches 4 months of age). The animal will be considered free and may be offered to another person.

If the "New Owner" refuses this animal, the deposit is not returned and is considered compensation for the maintenance of the kitten.

3.3 Additional terms of the contract: The animal is in the cattery until the time specified in clause 3.2. contract term. The maintenance of the animal after the period specified in clause 3.2 of the contract is 5 Euro per day. If the buyer has not paid the remaining amount before the deadline specified in clause 3.2 of the contract and / or has not paid the additional content of the animal if the deadline specified in clause 3.1 of the contract is exceeded, the Breeder has the right to sell this pet to third parties without returning the security deposit to the “New Owner” .



4.1.In the case of all disputes, it have to resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the courts of general jurisdiction at the place of residence "Breeder"

4.2 Violation of any clause of the contract entails a fine of 3500 EUR


5.1. Signatures of the "new owner" and the "breeder" certifies their complete acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement. Both parties undertake to recognize facsimile copy of this Agreement on a par with the original.              тел. 8-919-078-44-20